Authors That Made My 2018 Better!

2018 had been a great reading year for me! I made new reading habits. Some authors stole my heart with their books!

  1. Anjali Kirpalani: I just loved her writing style. She writes in such a fun and quirky manner. Her covers never fail to attract me.
  2. Stuti Changle: Her debut book “On The Open Road” was an amazing read. I loved how she mixed fiction and self-help. I am so eagerly waiting for her second book to release!!
  3. John Green: I can’t just blabber enough about how much I love his writing♡
  4. Jenny Han: I.LOVED. “TO ALL THE BOYS I HAVE LOVED BEFORE” ♡. I love light reads and Young Adult Contemporary novels and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was a perfect example for it! Looking forward to reading more books by her!
  5. Khushwant Singh: I loved the themes of his books and how he slowly unfolds the stories in his book. He has magic in his writing ♡






A Fool’s Circle by Suzanne Seddon Book Review

Title: A Fool’s Circle
Author: Suzzane Seddon
Pages: 328
Kate is suffering from an abusive marriage with Alan. She is only living to save her eight-year-old daughter. She also has her “bestie” Jill Reynolds. The book is filled with twists and turns. It is filled with lies and betrayal. It is not an easy read. The character developments are great and writing makes it more powerful. The topic of domestic violence is amazingly described and how it makes one’s life worst. The cover says a lot about the book of seeing abuse from someone’s eyes. The book is highly emotional and how their daughter had to suffer. It is a great thrilling, emotional and gripping read!



“Jasmine Days” by Benyamin Book Review



Title: Jasmine Days
Author: Benyamin
Translator: Shanaz Habib
Pages: 264

Genre: Fiction


The narrator of the story who moves to an unnamed middle eastern country to live with her father and relatives. She worked in a radio station. Her world was happy with supporting friends, caring family until a revolution hits the country, She meets Ali from the radio station. There friendship bonds over facebook through music. They attend music sessions ” String Walkers” together. The whole book is from the perspective of Sameera who is narrating her story to Javed. She is an “outsider” getting to know her perspective is beautiful, which adds more grace to the book. Ali living in the same country is a “second class”. The book has many characters which allow the reader to get different perspectives. Politics, inequality, religion, war are the major topics revolving in the story. I am not a huge fan of politics but the writing kept me gripped throughout the story. Writing style being effective is also easy to read. The characters are built well and how they lead to an important part of the story. The emotions and how the protagonist feels at a certain point of time are displayed beautifully. The ending could have been better is the only downside of the book for me. Overall, a great emotional read!



“You Begin Where I End” Book Review


Title: You Begin Where I End

Author: Sarang Jairaj

Pages: 135

Genre: Fiction

Add heading (7).png

The cover is quirky and beautiful. It shows different aspects of the protagonist’s life. In the whole Nafisa (the protagonist) is shown as an overweight girl and uses “panda” to describe herself but the girl on the cover isn’t shown like that. While reading this book, the cover turns disappointing and not accurate for the plot.


The book starts with Nafisa having a terrible breakup which is hard for her to deal with. She ends up with jealousy and starts using a dating app which ” rhymes with hinder”. The book is filled with texts like “rhymes with” which becomes quite irritating. Through the dating app, she meets Amar which resulted in love and lust. She then meets Kiaan through Quora and they become penpals. Then sudden death of her mother leads her into extreme sadness for her. After this, the plot becomes interesting when her mother’s diary entries are introduced and one is able to explore the love story of her mother. Through each chapter, Nafisa is trying to heal herself while Kiaan unknowingly helps her in this, which results in Nafisa getting attracted towards him. The writing style could have been better as the author is trying to convey something but if the writing style would have been enriched it could leave an impact on the reader. The latter part catches the attention when different circumstances are introduced. It describes different problems her mother had to deal with.

Overall, it was a disappointing read for me.

Thanks @thatinsonomiac.reader and @powerpuffwords for the review copy!






Scattered Constellations Book Review

img_6231Title: Scattered Constellation
Author: Ankita Singh
Genre: Poetry


“Your stories enchant me,
Your poetry pulls me under your spell,
Never to rise again”
The book is a collection of 50 poems. It discusses love, heartbreak, friendship, family. It displayed emotions of the author beautifully. It is divided into three parts-
Springing Love
Scattered Heart
Clustered Hope
I loved how it portrayed different aspects of everything. The poems can tell how the author felt at a certain moment and the reader could relate to her thoughts. The poems are expressive. Some of my favorite poems were-“Hey Princess”, “Sisters for a Reason”,” Is This Love?” and ” Sisters”. Overall, it is a great and short read.



Our Little Secret Book Review

The cover is designed well. Looks very good. Title is appropriate. Though a debut book, the concept has been explained well.

The book is a simple love story of Two doctors who meet during their workplace & eventually fall in love. However, circumstances forces them apart. The girl gets married with someone else, life goes well until life has planned unexpected things for her & unfortunate events takes place when the old lover reappears & the lost love rekindles.

What happens next? To knowTo know, read the book.

The writing style of the author is good. The way the medical terms has been kept simple and also proper explanation provided wherever necessary makes it an easy job for the reader. Overall the books is a good one time read and a quick read since it is very small.

Language is simple. Narration is okay


Key to Soul Book Review

Title: Key To Soul

Author: Probal Majumdar

Genre: Romance

A love story which involves love, revenge, friendship, parenthood, separation, betrayal, and mostly heartbreak.

A good book for a debutant.

I liked the smooth, steady pace of the story. Language seems to be good, simple enough to understand.

Character building & overall description was good.

Sequential analysis with poetic touch, synchronisation is effectively done.

Using epistles throughout as the theme with plot involving flashbacks made it an exciting read.

Lacks rapid movement, seems seems monotonous & dragging at many occasions. Language & writing style could be better. Same goes for the narration as well.


“When Broken Hearts Meet” by Arushi Vats Book Review

Title: When The Broken Hearts Meet
Author: Arushi Vats
Genre: Romance


The book revolves around two main characters- Avanti and Suhaas. As the title suggests the story tells about the characters who are haunted by their glimpses of pasts. The story discusses how they get to know each other, how they met, how they fell in love. It had many twists and turns but was a little dramatized. The hostel life and little glimpses from Avanti’s diary were displayed well. I felt that the characters could have been better and introduced well. Avanti, was at most of the time scared and weak, often trying to avoid situations rather than dealing with them which resulted in unfotunate events in the future. The friendship wasn’t displayed well. Poorvi, who was once “best friend” of Avanti ended up disturbing her. At some points, the book overdramatized some situations. “Because right now I was in the arms of a man with whom I felt safe and protected” This line is spoken by Avanti when they met for the second time.
“Ignore her, she’s like this” Suhaas is addressing his sister in this line and WHO SAYS ABOUT THEIR SISTER LIKE THAT?

Overall, the book was a little disappointing for me



“A Light So Lovely” by Sarah Arthur Book Review

Title: A Light So Lovely

Author: Sarah Arthur

Genre: Biography/ Memoir

The book revolves around the life of Madeleine L’Angle. It takes the reader through her spritual journey and her life. She is known for her stories and mainly for her book “A Wrinkle In Time”.This book tells how her life is not just as a author of her famous stories. It tells about her spiritual side and her beliefs!

The book not only discusses about her life but also how her work inspired other personalities. It describes her faults in life beautifully! It doesn’t tells her as a perfect human beings but also her flaws. It inspires me to read her works.♡

It is definately a must read for everyone who is a fan of Madeleine L’ Angle’s works!